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Capturing Life in Photography, Creating digital projects from software games, and discussing events and existence happen here. This blog follows my art projects and posts about life such as fun facts or important events worth sharing. Click here or on the orange title to go the the blog.

Categories Below for easy to find information:

Photography - The Category I store all my favorite and hobbyist photos in.

SimCity 4 Tamriel Project - Screenshots, fan art, and information about the fictional region: Tamriel.

Colin Space Agency - A story following the events of a Kerbal Space Agency (Currently this will be the 3rd CSA Kerbal game, The last two were deleted when I moved the site.)


Times and dates where I will be performing open mic nights, shows, and podcasts will be posted here or click on the orange title to go to the blog.

Instagram - My personal Instagram.

Sol Stories - A Podcast interviewing different people about there lives. (Still in planning stages.)

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Colin Stuart Projects is open to everyone and holds a collection of projects, images, documents, and references to other sites.

The website has no agenda and thus allows me to post anything I want.

All pictures, writings, and links are posted and created by me (Colin).



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